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 This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one and friend, Tim Potts who passed away suddenly on March 09, 2008. Few seemed as full of life as Tim, making the loss all the more shocking to us all. He was a devoted father and loyal friend who brightened the lives of everyone whose life he touched. All who knew Tim will remember him with a smile. Our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences are extended to Debbie, Morgan, Taylor and the rest of the Potts family. May time bring you healing and peace.

A fund has been established benefiting Debbie, Morgan and Taylor Potts. Donations may be sent to:

Tim Potts Memorial Account
Julie Elberfeld
c/o Sian Bitner
Fifth Third Bank
38 Fountain Square Plaza MD 10AT38
Cincinnati, Ohio 45263

Tributes and Condolences
Remembering Tim   / Katie &. Donnie Hurrelbrink (friend)
Deb, Morgan & Talyor-

We are so very sorry to hear about Tim. He was such a fun, energetic, great guy! We will be praying for you to have the strength to manage through these difficult times. Have peace in remembering all the wonderfu...  Continue >>
Tim Potts, our cousin   / Beverly And Danny Council (cousin)
Debbie, Morgan, Taylor, Uncle Bill, Aunt Chick, Jeannie, Bill, Dennis, Gary and other family members of Tim Potts: We're all so heartbroken over this. I just spoke with Tim a couple of weeks before he passed. I know we didn't see each other very oft...  Continue >>
God's Glory   / Resa Burke (Friend)
The first time I actually met Tim, I gave him a hard time about the brand new, but broken A/C in Mrs. Snarski's sweltering room. He smoothly reached up to the ceiling fan above him, gave it a whirl and asked me, "How's that?" Then he charge...  Continue >>
A super nice guy   / Taryn Gedney
After my daughter Jackie worked a fish fry this year she told me how nice and friendly Tim was to her. He made a great impression on her.
Our Deepest Sympathy   / Chris, Kevin &. Girls Bacon (Friend)
We may never understand the reason God took Tim away at such a young age. We can only take comfort in knowing he is with us in spirit and his memory will live on.  Your lives have changed in a blink of an eye. Take baby steps and live one d...  Continue >>
Holding On To The Memories  / Tricia Berling (Friend)    Read >>
Our Condolences  / Doug &. Brenda Geiser     Read >>
Deeply Saddened...  / Donna Krumpelman (Friend)    Read >>
Remembering the beginning....  / Jeff And Dorene Longworth (Buddy)    Read >>
Deeply saddened  / Kevin Moore (Friend from High School )    Read >>
Beautiful Memories  / Christy Janus (Friend)    Read >>
May Peace be with you and your family  / Don Gilmore (former co-worker of Debbie )    Read >>
Prayers for you  / Mike Harrington     Read >>
The World has lost a Great Man!  / Danny &. Leah Bedgood (Friend)    Read >>
God Bless you and your family  / Greg And Tammy Morgan (friend)    Read >>
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